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Private Workshop

 ---  Workshop - TheoryLetterland workshops are designed to be practical, fun and informative. Our workshops are aimed at addressing the needs of teachers wanting to find out more information about Letterland or help in implementing the program.

As well as regular advertised training, EdSource Australia offers a range of private Letterland professional development options for Schools and Early Learning Centres.  Such workshops will be conducted by a trained Letterland consultant at the specified school / centre.

This is a cost effective way to in-service a whole school staff.  This type of training is effective and ensures common understandings between all teachers about Letterland.  This format gives an opportunity to develop a clear vision of how and when certain literacy skills will be taught within the school to achieve optimal literacy success in all children.

Great for...

  • Pupil Free / Curriculum Days
  • District Conferences
  • After School Workshops

Please contact our office on (07) 5444 5860 or email for a no obligation free quote.