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Costume Ideas

Create a costume box and collect any Letterland props for it. You might like to name it ‘Clever Cat's Costume Box'. The props can be bought, borrowed or made. Headgear is especially useful for ‘Live spelling', since hats, helmets, etc. only take a moment to put on. Any props will make demonstrations of words more lively and effective. Prop making is a good area for parental involvement. Specific suggestions for all the Letterland characters are given below.

Annie Apple Make an apple leaf collar or hat.

Mr A Add a red and white striped apron.

Bouncy Ben Make ears or a mask for Bouncy Ben.

Clever Cat Make a Clever Cat mask, or just cat's ears on a headband.

Dippy Duck Make a headband. You could also collect any spare yellow clothing.

Eddy Elephant Make elephant ears.

Mr E A magic wand should be an easy prop to make or find.

Firefighter Fred Add one or two toy firefighter's helmets. child FF

Golden Girl Bring in a couple of old pairs of (sun)glasses and green items of clothing. Include some gardening gloves for Golden Girl.

Harry Hat Man Make one or two hairy hats. They will be useful both now and later when the children play-act the digraph stories with h.

Impy Ink Make a black lid-like hat from stiff card or simply use a black hat or beret to serve as Impy Ink's bottle top.

Mr I Make one or two realistic ice cream cones.

Jumping Jim Add some juggling balls or thread three balls on to a wire.

Kicking King The children will enjoy helping you to make and decorate one or more crowns. In addition, you could try making Kicking King's cape using red crepe paper edged with cotton wool, or find a parent who enjoys sewing. child LL

Lucy Lamp Light Add old lampshades or yellow clothing.

Munching Mike Make two monster masks, using cereal boxes covered in tin foil or painted.

Noisy Nick Add a toy hammer and a large nail made from stiff card.

Oscar Orange Add any orange clothing, such as an old T-shirt.

Mr O Make a fluffy white beard from a roll of cotton wool or white fur.

Peter Puppy The children may like to make droopy ears out of paper, with pale brown patches painted on them. These can then be attached to headbands for wearing.

Quarrelsome Queen You will probably already have a crown in the Costume box for Kicking King, but it is useful for Quarrelsome Queen to have her own crown for words such as quick, where both characters are needed together in a word!

Red Robot Add any red clothing and make a robot mask.

Sammy Snake You may like to make a Sammy Snake glove puppet (using a large sock) or mask. child SS

Talking Tess Make a little telephone for Tess to carry.

Uppy Umbrella Any old umbrellas would be very useful, but child-sized ones will be more practical when you progress to Live Spelling.

Mr U Add gold buttons or braid to a jacket and find or make a toy cap similar to Mr U's.

Vicky Violet Make a chid's face the centre for a five petal headdress.

Walter Walrus Make a pair of grey gloves look like flippers!

Fix-it Max Make a large red cardboard x. Or give out some tools to hold.

Yellow Yo-yo Man Make or buy yellow caps with yellow visors. If you haven't got any yellow or other coloured yo-yos, make some pretend ones out of cardboard discs attached to string.

Zig Zag Zebra Add some black and white striped clothing.

Special thanks to the staff and students of Whitsunday Christian college for the photographs above.