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Here is what a few Letterland users from around the world say about using Letterland in their ESL/EFL classrooms.

"I'm very happy with the programme since it helps especially the ESL children in my classes. All children love the programme and are very motivated by the characters and the stories of the Letterlanders. Than you for an excellent programme, that is very easy to follow and very flexible" Teacher, NSW Central Coast September 2002

"Letterland ELT is a well-organised and carefully graded course for beginners. The wide variety of activities caters for the students' need for fun, movement and ‘change of pace' with a lesson... There are some wonderful ideas that will help make English fun to learn and easy to remember" Maria Karyda, ELT author, Greece.

"Many of our teachers have commented that now they too understand better why certain letters behave in certain ways and, therefore, are in a much better position to teach EFL to their classes. What is also very rewarding for the staff is that the children's curiosity is making teaching so much easier and so much more satisfying" Oksana Yaverbaum, Director, Centre A-Ya Irkutsk, Russia.