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Handwriting Pack


25% OFF!

WAS $54.90 - NOW $43.92

The Handwriting Pack includes the following

  • Handwriting Practice 1
  • Handwriting Practice 2
  • Handwriting Songs CD


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Letterland Essential Learning Pack Image

Letterland Essential Learning Pack

This pack is tailor made for the introduction of Letterland. A great way to start your child on their reading journey at an affordable price!


  • ABC Storybook -  Softcover
  • Alphabet Songs CD
  • Alphabet Frieze
  • First Reading Flash Cards

Recommended Age:2+
RRP: $100.50

Save: $10.00

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Letterland 1-2 Year Old Pack Image

Letterland 1-2 Year Old Pack

Specifically formulated for parents wishing to expose their youngsters to the magical world of Letterland. Featuring a range of products designed to entice children into wanting to learn.


  • Who's Hiding Lift the Flap Book
  • Once Upon A TIme DVD **CLASSIC**
  • My ABC Board Book
  • Action Songs CD
  • In the Jungle Poster

Recommended Ages: 12 months+
RRP: $109.50

Save: $10.95

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Letterland 3-4 Year Old Pack Image

Letterland 3-4 Year Old Pack

A carefully designed pack that will ensure your child is not scared off learning by too much hard work. Whilst still gaining the essential reinforcement of basic letterland skills, the visual and hands-on resources included will keep learning fun!


  • Magnetic Letters
  • ABC Adventures CD Rom
  • Giant Alphabet Puzzle
  • Alphabet of Rhymes

Recommended Age: 3+
RRP: $143.00

Save: $14.30

Please Note: T09 is currently on backorder - expected delivery time for this single product is 1-2 months. The rest of the pack would be sent in advance with no delay, if you decide to purchase this product. No further cost would be incurred because of the backordered title.

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Letterland 4-5 Year Old Pack Image

Letterland 4-5 Year Old Pack

This pack has it all! Your child could not be more prepared for school after having the access and exposure to this wonderful range of Letterland resources for the home.


  • Alphabet Tales - Softcover
  • The 4+ Range of Activity Books - 4 titles
  • Letterland Stories - Level 1
  • Letterland Stories - Level 2

Recommended Ages: 4+
RRP: $103.35

Save 20%: $82.68

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Letterland 6+ Pack Image

Letterland 6+ Pack

This pack is perfect for the child that has the basic letters and sounds on board. These resources encourage students to explore common blends and digraphs and support the initial stages of independent reading.


  • TD24 - Far Beyond ABC
  • TD28 - Beyond ABC (New Edition)
  • T25 - Blends and Digraphs Songs CD
  • TC80a - Letterland Stories 3
  • TC80b - Letterland Stories 4

Recommended Ages: 6+
RRP: $117.00

Save: $11.70

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ABC Activity Book Pack Image

ABC Activity Book Pack

SAVE 20%

Have the complete range of activity books and save.

These activity books support Letterland's best sellers; the ABC, Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC reading books.

Fun and enjoyable activities for any child learning the phonetic sounds and spelling strategies. These activity books are an extremely valuable resource for your child or student - a must for the home or classroom!

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