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We are always hearing from parents about how successful Letterland has been in helping their children Sean

to read, and we never tire of hearing it. Here are a few comments for you to peruse.

Dear Stuart and Lara,

'We would like to thank you for the positive and inspiring effect you have had on our family with respect to the Letterland products and your ongoing support and advice to us as parents of two young children. Not only do you offer a wonderful service to parents and children in education, but also a personalised approach to each family's needs and requirements that uplifts and inspires each family member thereby fostering a very positive environment for learning to both parents and children alike. Thank you for your valuable service and website. Our children have come leaps and bounds in your care and we look forward to seeing them grow day by day in confidence as learners who enjoy the wonders of Letterland and a whole new world of reading. We highly commend you both and recommend Letterland as a learning tool for all young learners and families. Thank you!' (2013, Australia)

'I don't know why all schools wouldn't be using Letterland as my children have thrived on it and particularly children of this age need to have fun whilst they are learning - to them it is not really learning it's having fun' Parent Gold Coast

"This programme is the reason both my children have a reading age two years ahead of their actual ages"
Parent, Brisbane Qld

"Congratulation! Since my 41/2 year old son has been introduced to this amazing programme, he now recognises every letter of the alphabet (after only 2 months). He now wants to learn - because it is FUN."
Parent, Brisbane Qld

'I have just been introduced to Letterland at my daughters school and want to congratulate you on coming up with such a parent and friendly educational product which allows the children to continue having fun with imagination,'
Parent, Australia

'My son is coming along nicely and he is doing better than me!!! I find him spelling words with the Letterland names e.g.; Harry Hatman, Annie apple, Sammy snake for ‘has'! I am now teaching him the sounds of the letters rather than calling them by their names, his teacher has assured me I'm doing the right thing, and he is doing well in class too, so I guess this new method of teaching the alphabet is working! In my days (I'm 30!) we didn't learn the alphabet like this however; this is far more entertaining and interesting for the children.'
Parent, UK

‘My 3 year-old is absolutely captivated with Letterland, and knows all his letters. He has not been "pushed", but has himself insisted on learning as he came across Letterland characters. Thank you!!'

‘My six year old began reading at three years old thanks in large part to Letterland. The characters really captured his imagination. Now he has the reading age of a ten year old. Thanks! This makes my life as a 'home schooler' mush easier'
Medford, MA, USA

'I am a parent of a 6 year old boy. We currently receive your magazine and find it enjoyable, fun and very helpful. My son and I are both dyslexic and find that the Letterland way of teaching the different sounds very helpful.'