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Edsource Australia and Letterland International are delighted to announce the publication of the brand new Far Beyond ABC - completing a very special trilogy! Together with ABC and Beyond ABC, these three books now cover most of the major spellings in the English language.

The below show the changes and new stories in the Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC books

 ---  Far Beyond Overview

Far Beyond ABC opens up another 20 secrets of all the major spelling patterns in the English language. It will assist children to focus and learn complex phonics more easily through visually stimulating images and imaginative stories. So, if your child can understand alphabetical sounds, basic blends and digraphs, then this book will help them develop their literacy and reading further!

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  ---  Beyond ABC - Revised - overview

Bright illustrations and super stories make this sequel to the ABC Book ideal for young children moving beyond a-z. Featuring 22 essential letter combinations, it provides memorable reasons to explain why many letters change their sounds when they meet each other in a word.

 ---  2011 ABCS

The famous best-selling ABC Book is an essential addition to any child's book shelf and the only change is the image on the front cover, othewise the content is the same. Each page depicts a Letterland character surrounded by objects beginning with the target sound, so there's plenty of opportunity for young learners to practice their growing phonics skills.

Upper & lower case alphabet: Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz.

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Learning to read and write has never been so much fun!

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