Fix It Phonics

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Fix-it Phonics is a new phonics-based course that makes learning English fun and easy to remember. Your 3-8 year olds will enjoy this multi-sensory system featuring the much loved Letterland characters. Three complete levels help children to quickly master all the English letter shapes and sounds and move on to reading, writing and good communication skills.

Level 1 - Focusing on Aa-Zz and simple words

Letter recognition skills - sounds and shapes (Aa–Zz)
Listening and speaking skills
Basic English vocabulary
Oral blending and segmenting of words
High frequency words

Level 2 - Word Building and two-letter combinations

26 digraphs/new spelling patterns
More listening and speaking skills
More English vocabulary
More blending and segmenting
More high frequency words

Level 3 - Building the foundations of full literacy

More advanced letter combinations
Even more listening and speaking skills
Even more English vocabulary
Even more blending and segmenting
Even more high frequency words

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