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Letterland ESL Programme Resources

Following requests from around the globe Letterland International have created a new dedicated ESL teaching programme called ELT (English Language Teaching). The course introduces young learners to the shapes and sounds of the Aa-Zz along with the systematic teaching of basic English vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. It is designed specifically to teach English as a second or foreign language and the program contains a number of resources as outlined below.

ELT Teacher's Guide
elt tg for webThis 116 page guide incorporates an 18-page training manual for a 21 unit course for students. It supports an activity and/or a book and CD approach to teaching, and also contains an activity bank full of fun ideas that reinforce and extend vocabulary.

ELT Student Book and CD
elt sb for webelt sbcdThis guide has 80 bright colour pages to invite interactivity, with accompanying CD providing pronunciation models. The CD also contains the ELT Alphabet Songs, and a CD with only the alphabet songs for classroom use.
Letter sounds and topic-based vocabulary are covered in each 4-page lesson. Lively games, activities and more songs included, all carefully structured with built-in revision.

ELT Handwriting Book 
elt hbThis is a very useful aid to handwriting practice as children progress from tracing to independent writing using this well proven unique pictogram approach to letter formation. Each 2-page lesson covers: lowercase and uppercase letter and numbers.

ELT Workbook
elt wb for webThis highly interactive workbook includes pair work activities and games to make your teaching more effective. Each 2-page lesson consolidates letter sounds and vocabulary covered in the ELT Student Book.